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Swizz Art Biz

Oct 29, 2021

Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, made headlines earlier this year by selling a non-fungible token at Christie’s for $69 million. It was the most anyone paid for an NFT, and it catapulted Beeple to one of the best paid artists in the world. Now Christie’s just announced that it’s selling another Beeple piece, called Human One, in November. 

Noah Davis was one of the people behind the record-sale and has since been known as “the NFT guy at Christie’s.” He joins Swizz Art Biz from his office in New York and tells Tanya König how business has changed for the auction house since it opened up to NFTs. 

What does a buyer actually get when purchasing an NFT? Access to a community, Davis says. He also addresses the problem with lack of diversity in the NFT space, why he loves the artist FEWOCiOUS, and what to expect from the next Beeple auction. In that same auction, Christie’s will also sell their first NFT minted on the Algorand blockchain, which uses about 99.9 percent less energy than the Ethereum blockchain.