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Swizz Art Biz

Sep 8, 2021

Kenny Schachter is one of the most outspoken figures of the art world. With his monthly column on Artnet he points out the good, the bad, the ugly, and the worse of the art market. Besides writing, he has also been creating digital art for about 30 years, and is now very much into NFTs. So much so, that he’s even trying to trademark the term NFTism. Now he is showing his first piece at Art Basel, which is taking place in a few days in Switzerland. It's called “Crypto (NFT) Kiosk” and will be displayed in Nagel Draxler's booth.
In this revealing conversation, Kenny tells Tanya König of Swizz Art Biz, why he wants to live and work on the blockchain, why he is surprised by the pushback of traditional galleries when it comes to NFTs, why he thinks that good intention and passion is all it takes for art, and why he likes the radical democratization in the NFT world. “Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that has practical application in my life,” he says. “What differentiates Ethereum from Bitcoin is that it has a smart contract.” And for the ones that are still trying to figure out what NFTs are, Schachter has a very simple explanation: You’re not buying anything with NFTs except for the certificate of ownership, which is lodged on the blockchain. It’s a way to not lose your certificate of ownership ever again.
Podcast was recorded at Tablecast / Christoph Soltmannowski
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